Celebrating 90 years of theatre!

GLORIOUS! by Peter Quilter Directed by John Eastwood

Glorious!, is an effervescent light comedy based loosely upon the later life of the woman who had become known and achieved great notoriety as, ‘’the worst singer in the world’’.

In 1940’s New York City, the name of the performer who was on
the ‘’must see’’ list of many of the City’s glittaera was Madam Florence Foster Jenkins, an elderly and obsessional singer whose pitch, timing and interpretation left much to be desired.

Known also as ‘’the first lady of the sliding scale’’, she would confidently warble and screech her way through many arias and songs at High Society evenings, where a goodly proportion of her audience were unable to contain themselves and remained double up with histrionic laughter.

She paid no attenion to criticism and went on, with the full support of a close coterie of friends, to hire and fill to its 3000+ capacity, the Carnegie Hall, in what were sadly to be the last few months of her life.

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Heritage Open Day.

2017 is the 90th year of Halifax Thespians and we will celebrate on Sunday 10th of September. These celebrations will be combined with Halifax Heritage Week. 

Our theatre will be open to the public during the day with guided tours of the building. If you would like to volunteer as a tour guide please let us know.

From 4pm we invite members and guests to enjoy a picnic in and around the theatre.
A 90th Anniversary Revue will take place on stage from 7pm. This is a free event but we need to know potential numbers also members and their guests will need tickets which will be available during the first week of September.

If you have a party piece which you are itching to perform, or whether you would just like to help out, please let me know Leighton - president@halifaxplayhouse.org.uk

Launch Into Future Theatre L.I.F.T. present a

Have you a song, composition, anecdote, poem, sketch, short play, piece of prose, speech, monologue, joke, short scene, something 'other' you would like to try in a supportive environment? Then get in touch and come along to share it among friends. You will be helping to promote new writing and also aid our fundraising appeal.

Deadline for submissions is 31st August. Please contact Giselle on
07894 831233 or 01484 722971 to have your work included in this free event. Raffle and an honesty box for donations on exiting. Doors will open at 7.30pm.

L.I.F.T. is about ... launching our beautiful theatre forwards to face a bigger and brighter future. It’s about giving it a much-needed facelift , whether that’s better access or more desirable décor.

But it’s chiefly about bringing people together. Just like in the early days of the Halifax Playhouse where members worked together to build, hone and improve this stunning, listed building, safeguarding and preserving it as a prestigious arts venue fit for purpose and the future. Together we can make it happen.

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